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By Undustrial (registered) - website | Posted September 29, 2010 at 14:06:42

20 More Reasons...

  1. We don't need any more empty industrial land.
  2. Our City has been in a major budgetary crisis for years - we don't have the money.
  3. The airport has twice failed to support a HSR route.
  4. Much of the airport's growth strategy in recent years has been with cheap, short-haul carriers like Westjet, and thanks to high oil prices, and the Westjet pullout, that's not working out so well.
  5. There is no public outcry in favour, only a private one.
  6. There is significant public and private opposition.
  7. If building a development park on the very edge of the urban boundary isn't sprawl, then nothing is.
  8. This approach fails to integrate mixed-use neighbourhoods, and only creates office parks and suburbs as separate, single-use zones.
  9. This approach bets a lot of money we don't have on the goodwill of multinational corporations to not pull out of the Hamilton market at the first chance they get (which so many already have).
  10. Aerotropolis would function as a conduit for cheap foreign imports to crush even more local markets. Exposing Hamilton to direct competition with countries like China and Mexico forces us to compete with their low labour and environmental standards.
  11. Airplanes are the least efficient (in terms of fuel or cost) means of moving goods or people, meaning that a larger share of our consumer dollars will go to things like fuel, and less to quality or wages.
  12. Air travel is the most capital intensive form of transportation. Only large corporations and governments can even hope to get into the market, and therefore they exert a huge amount of control.
  13. Biking to the airport from the lower city would be an olympic-level commute compared to almost any other destination within the city, even much of Flamborough. Highest elevation after all.
  14. We shouldn't be wasting development lands in an area torn apart by land claim battles and a hopelessly overcrowded reserve.
  15. Air travel is largely a luxury of the wealthy, and this leaves out a lot of Hamilton that can barely afford (rising) GO bus costs.
  16. Nine-figure sums of public money should never be spent on projects that can't stand up to public scrutiny (sadly, they're rarely spent on anything else).
  17. This is, in every possible way, a tremendous act of public subsidy towards a few industries and businesses. If this isn't "Bonusing", nothing is.
  18. Ferguson supports Aerotropolis, never a good sign.
  19. This project does everything to support auto/truck dependence, the next most expensive and inefficient kind of transportation.
  20. Hamilton needs to stop investing in big boondoggling white elephant projects in the hopes that they will bring Hamilton back to it's "Golden Age".

I could think of twenty more. And so could most of you. This project needs to die.

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