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By jason (registered) | Posted October 05, 2010 at 19:58:35

somewhat related, I stumbled across this info about more new condos being built in a large old home on Stinson, across from the Stinson lofts:

I agree with turbo - this is exactly what we need more of. Reminds me of Montreal. Beautiful condos and lofts in many historic homes and mansions. Heck, in Mississuaga they are building 60 story condo towers in an effort to intensify their land use, yet here (in a so-called 'real city') it's still a big deal for a 3-story addition to a 3-story home??

FYI, the Bay St condo mentioned above will be restoring the current home on site. It won't be demolished. Same as the one on Strathcona Ave that Clark is doing.

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