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By graham (registered) | Posted October 06, 2010 at 12:55:59

Yeah - those people that live in 6 unit condos are always idling their cars. They're probably fascists and commies too..

Geez, I really hope that the "dangerous precedent" of increasing Hamilton's urban population which would create more demand for local businesses and thereby increase the number of available, walkable services and business in local communities never comes to pass. It would be terrible to see some progress.

Its tiresome listening to people resist change in a city where the majority of the population is clamoring for it.

What is the obsession with parking?? It is the most common complaint about any new development and its completely ridiculous. A simple comparison.

Hamilton - easy to park in downtown and many residential neighborhoods. Toronto, New York, Montreal, Vancouver, Victoria, London, Pittsburgh, etc, etc, etc. - not so easy to park.

Not saying we want to be exactly like these cities, but it seems that vibrant, successful cities all have at least this one trait in common. I say enough with suburban parking desires. You want easy parking - move to the suburbs. Want change and improvements in Hamilton? Want an energetic urban city? Get over the fact that you might have to walk a block from your car to your house. It'll feel good when you walk down a busy, populated street (full of 6 unit condos ;) ) and past successful local business.

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