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By Undustrial (registered) - website | Posted December 20, 2010 at 23:35:00

Here's a short list of places more markets could easily take place, or already do.

  1. Parking lots
  2. All those school fields we keep selling off on the mountain.
  3. Former school fields in the lower city.
  4. Vacant brownfields
  5. Confederation Park
  6. Any of the numerous public golf courses
  7. Rooftops (take your pick)
  8. Proposed (but not yet started) development sites like the Thistle Club
  9. Vacant but not 'derelict' buildings in need of occupancy (schools, office buildings etc)
  10. Keystone properties (like the Connaught) in need of "special events" to draw attention
  11. Sidewalks (where all of this begins)
  12. Streets (closed for special events)
  13. Public buildings (schools, city hall etc) closed on weekends or for the holidays
  14. Churches
  15. The Harbourfront

I love problems like the horribly inefficient use of urban space because they're so easy to solve. Two words: use it. All of these options, and more, could work for many other accessible, cheap and attractive uses; gardens, parks, musical venues or miniature golf courses. Richard Florida may attribute success to a creative "class", but I prefer to see things more simply: success is a product of creativity all classes. These spaces are here, and disuse isn't being kind to them.

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