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By Regina kevin (anonymous) | Posted December 24, 2010 at 09:40:06

Well I'm actually from Regina and google searched to see just what the hell is going on out there.. The cfl
Needs the ti-cats. Football, because of it's event Ike nature has a stranglehold on the us sports scene and the Canadian summer as well. Of all sports its the best bet for the forseeable future and we are raising a new generation that football will be huge for.

It's obvious too see that your city councillors are falling victim to the public outcry that is guaranteed to follow a large public project, hell Regina has thousands of people who seem to live to bitch about two things. The price of anything and the government.. They wont write a single letter if some potash Corp gets a 500 mill tax brea but god forbid u try to build a cities social scene.

If those councillors had the guts to do what was best for the city , they would, but they are all about themselves and their own future, not your cities. If public support was 90% u think u would have had the same vote?

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