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By slodrive (registered) | Posted January 07, 2011 at 11:09:16


I worry that the dynamics of CFL football cannot use mega-NFL franchises as any point of reference. Thus, a suburban stadium -- distant from the heartbeat of the fanbase -- may make sense when we're talking about a 70 - 95,000 seat facility, like those mentioned. But a 30,000 seater with a base of about 21,000 hardcores? That screams 'proximity' to me. Especially when the anchor tenant plays a sport that's a distant 2nd in popularity (...not to take anything away from my beloved CFL ball.)

During the most difficult times of this franchise, those who kept the pulse going (anecdotally) were those in the surrounding neighbourhoods that brought their lungs and enthusiasm to every game.

For both the city (yes, they need to be accountable for their part) and the team to turn their backs on those folks is criminal. A move to Aldershot seems a bit insulting on that level.

Anyway, I'm mostly bothered by the haste in which people are willing to toss 130 years of community fabric out the door -- on both sides of this argument. Regardless of whether they've ever held a football or not.

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