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By Serendipity (registered) | Posted January 07, 2011 at 16:54:17

Breeze, am not part of NEN but a North End resident. You seem to have it in for NEN but that's between you and them. Don't assume anyone/everyone who disagrees with you is part of NEN.

And, I do hope the North End is completely different in 5 years. We'll either be in our 1st, 2nd, who knows, even 5th year of our pilot project for Canada's first CHild and Family Friendly Neighbourhood with max speeds of 30k. As over 700 adults in the North End signed and petitioned for this much needed, desired, and long overdue (in Canada, never mind Hamilton) initiative I hope beyond hope we get it soon. Once we become the neighbourhood that kick-started Hamilton's mission of being the best place to raise a child, and we start feeling the effects of living in a more civilized, and fun, manner, well Breeze I'm hoping you may change your tune. You always sound so angry; I bet the CFFN, once started, will help you smile more.

I'm surprised the City isn't moving the CFFN along a bit faster these days. What a beautiful thing to be able to announce that both the CFFN and a world class velodrome, with athletic centre, amphitheatre, and, after thinking, a beautiful art school/facilities. Suddenly, Hamilton's dark days are over and we rise from the dust like the lovely beings we all are, and the beautiful things in life we all deserve...but keep breakin' up or down all the time.

We need a beautiful, successful and relevant outcome...I can see it.

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