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By R Don Lyres (anonymous) | Posted January 10, 2011 at 15:12:23

From the article:

"no joke, but not 100 per cent for sure. bill kelly was talking about it this morn as well. got it from a good source though."

Right, but since when is Bill Kelly a good source of anything other than self-serving BS?

Mr. Janitor commented:"The backroom dealings going on right now must be furious."

You're not kidding. Yesterday we attended an event celebrating the birthday of Sir John A. Macdonald, Canada'a first Prime Minister, at the Crowne Plaza where Jason Farr and Mayor Bratina were supposed to speak.

Though both were listed as invited 'dignitaries', when it came time for 'greetings from the City' as listed in the program nobody rose to speak. The MC asked if anyone from the city was in attendance and there was nothing but silence. Moving on quickly, the show continued with us gobstruck and wondering WTF.

What could possibly keep the mayor and Farr from this long-scheduled event?

And then it donned on me; they were either plotting out strategies with the TiCats and/or lobbying their colleagues prior to this week's vote. And the fact that they didn't even send an aide in their place seemed to provide the exclamation point to reinforce just how much of their energies and OUR resources were going toward this effort.

It is a sickening realization to think that our newly elected mayor as well as my councilor, whom I did not vote for, have decided to focus exclusively on forwarding the TiCat's agenda at the expense of virtually all other matters of our city.

I ask you, where's the dignity in that?

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