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By A. Bolish (anonymous) | Posted February 24, 2007 at 16:05:44

I think the argument that seeks to abolish is a bad one. This is a democracy (so to speak) and not everyone can or wants to ride a bike. That said, there is much we can do to promote cycling, transit as alternatives to the car.
A senior who can't walk but can drive kind of scares me as a cyclist/pedestrian. Accessible transit would perhaps be a safer option for all, if it is available.
The car as symbol of uber-mobility is a myth: grid lock, accidents, breakdowns, repairs, gas prices, insurance, parking all add up to a big, expensive, wasteful pain for the driver and the community.
No, everyone will not be forced to give up their cars. But fund good transit, build bike paths, and more people will see the light and make changes. (Employers too, with showers, bike storage, transit passes for employees, etc.)


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