Comment 5660

By grog (anonymous) | Posted February 27, 2007 at 09:18:01

this heinberg character has turned into one of the biggest self promoting bullshit artists the world has ever witnessed. he runs all over the world sucking up more energy (and getting rich in the process) than any exxon executive that ever lived. oh yeah, he will say he could make more money teaching full time. horse manure ! his mcmansion would never have existed without the moolah he has pulled in selling books and movies. anyone out there who wants to save money and energy might consider not purchasing ANY new books for the rest of your lives. stop buying all of this garbage out there. use your public library. give up these damn computers. stop watching television. most of you would last one week. or go on prozac. so i guess these comments are also bullshit. it will NEVER happen. you cannot slop pigs and expect them to stand in line. happy days.

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