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By Guyincognito (anonymous) | Posted February 27, 2007 at 18:54:23

Ignoring the troll, I find that Mr Heinberg paints a rather grim view of our future, where small comunities must fight off bands of resource raiders to survive.

I think a far more likely goverment inaction scenario is that the government will do nothign, energy resources will begin to tap out; resulting in large scale brown and black outs. At that point the government will impove massive restructing and restriction plans, cycle power, construct new powerplants (atomic, wind, solar, etc; mostly atomic) and in less then two years we'll be basically where we are now- save that we'll be paying more then $3/l on biodisel to fill up our disel engine vehicles and $.50/kw/h to make up for the cost of building all those powerplants and biodisel processing plants in a hurry.

Maby I'm an optimist....

In any case I do agree with the underlying scope of the article; we should start preparing for there being no gas NOW, not when it happens.

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