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By Jared (anonymous) | Posted June 08, 2006 at 14:31:35

I live in a renovation project right beside the Lister Block. The Annex on Rebecca Street. Living in this location means that I will personally be affected by the redevelopment, be that noise and pollution or increased property value.

That being said, at first glance I am not in favour of the current plans for the Lister Block. I am fully supportive that the Lister needs to be redeveloped, however, I am unsure that downtown Hamilton can handle another 100,00sq.ft of retail/commercial space. There is already a 20+ percent vacancy rate downtown.

I believe that what this proposal needs to be viable is to include residential units. I'm not about to tell you how many units there should be, only that the downtown can not survive on only commercial retail/office uses being developed. For the downtown to become really viable there needs to be a shift in thought. The downtown is for people and jobs. Both not one or the other. Unless we get more people downtown things wont change.

It is important for the Lister Block to be redeveloped, but if they don't do this right, it will just be a new vacant building anchoring the downtown.

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