Comment 59226

By Robert D (anonymous) | Posted February 03, 2011 at 16:10:17 in reply to Comment 59220

If your position is that cycling on sidewalks should not be illegal, I would urge you to refocus your energy away from opposing bicycle lanes, and towards legalizing bicycles on sidewalks.

After your success, all bike lanes will become redundent and can easily and quickly be returned to lanes for cars and trucks. Whereas if you oppose individual bike lanes your effort will be much less focused (as there are many individual lanes to oppose), and you'll only be forcing bicycles to share the road with motor vehicles, which you seem to view as dangerous.

Although I do take issue with your statement that if a cyclist and a pedestrian collide "both are walking away from it" as there are numerous examples of bicycles colliding with pedestrians and resulting in the death of one of the parties. It happened recently to an 83-year old in Cedar River Trial near Renton, Washington.

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