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By mikeonthemountain (registered) | Posted February 04, 2011 at 13:40:04 in reply to Comment 59214

You are telling me, that my 30km/h road bike which I use to commute to my job, belongs on a sidewalk with walkers and scooters and kids and people walking their dogs?

You'll find considerable disagreement on that. Also, the law disagrees.

You can't allow 2-3 feet of a wide throughfare for safe passage of midrange powered class of traffic? (pedestrian > unmotorized vehicle > motorized vehicle).

In a CITY of all places? Where by definition, large numbers of people are close together and need to share congested throughfares? For shame.

One more thing. Fine, don't have bike lanes that waste space. Makes no difference to me. But then don't complain when the right lane is used by a cyclist. By design that is what you have implemented. Remember, roads will be used exactly the way you engineer them to be used. By failing to put in a bike lane, you are engineering the road to be used per MTO best practices of riding 1M away from the curb/parking. 3 years, safe and sound, no accidents. It works. That said, I am genuinely sorry if I've ever slowed you down. I don't ride just to screw with people; I actually have to go somewhere! Where there is a bike lane I use it and appreciate it. I prefer to be out of your way. Don't rage at me. It solves nothing, I wont' put away my bike because of it, it only reinforces the need to use the lane. Instead bring the design flaw to our officials' attention.

ps: sorry for so many edits. I type fast and post, then think :p

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