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By farmer6re9 (registered) - website | Posted March 24, 2007 at 08:38:35

It is sad how little our comments build upon this fine article about industrialized cities. To the author I say great work and you might find of special interest in your math.

Nicholas makes a good closing argument; "Hamilton need not be a passive victim of external economic forces. If we have sufficient imagination and effective leadership we can shape our own future, for the benefit of the whole community." To that I would like to add, that in these times where manufacturing industries have nearly vacated Canada and US soil in favor of greener pastures and cheap labor pools of developing nations half a world away, Hamilton has retained its STEEL.

Another often overlooked yet tensile strength of Hamilton and southern Ontario, is the high fertility and mineral quality of its glacial morraine soil. And let's not forget its positon at the horn of the deepest Great Lake.

The future of many cities is bleak but no so for Hamilton. Water shortages should not be a concern and neither is the availability of nutritional food sources a daunting thing. Hamilton can also boast in its preservation of a strong versitile manufacturing base and the iron will of its PEOPLE to get jobs done.

It is far too easy attacking political figure heads and calling names. We must first contemplate where the true seats of power lie, before we can beseech real change (Micah 4:9).

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