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By Thomas (anonymous) | Posted April 18, 2011 at 06:09:32

Yes, it was designed to withstand a large earthquake and a large (though perhaps not this large) tsunami.
But look at the pictures. What side is all the damage on?

The tsunami passed over two 6 m high breakwaters, then a sea wall then had to climb a 10 m embankment. It did so and swamped the area having lost a significant portion of its energy. Most subsequent physical damage is a result of the explosions resulting from the design flaws (generators and pumps in the basement) and bad practices (overloading cooling pools) by the operator.

The tsunami did not put the pumps and generators here.
The tsunami did not overload the storage tank.
The tsunami didnt build the bloodything by the coast.
The tsunmai did not operate it beyond its design life.
The tsunami caused this disaster in the same sense as the trigger on a gun kills.

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