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By Cityjoe (anonymous) | Posted May 11, 2011 at 01:21:10 in reply to Comment 63243

"Politicians should be limited to two terms. One in office, & one in jail."

Quoting MSC: "Fascinating. We entrust our 'politicians' with our well-being...and yet from the get-go assign such cynicism, such dismissiveness. On whom does this reflect most?"
I guess I should have put Smiley after that, huh? I heard that quote on CBC Radio & it was sent to me in an email twice within a few days of the National Erection, so I guess I'm not the only cynic in the crowd?
I agree that there should be a limit to political terms, but would not that also be 'interfering with the will of the electorate' in a very direct way?

Quoting MSC:"If an employer keeps hiring people who don't work out, who can't get the job done, who not only fail to live up to expectations but maybe even steal...then really; where does the problem lie? With the job applicants? Or with the 'employer', the one who's responsible for getting the right people in the positions on which so much is riding?
The selection process for candidates is now out of the hands of voters, & even local Party members. Often the candidate that meets with the approval of local supporters & party workers & volunteers is Not the candidate chosen by the Party to run in a given riding.(We saw that recently in the East Coast with popular candidates who did not tow the Party line on the Tory funding scandal.)

So, if you devote many years of your life to a given Party as a member, party worker,or volunteer (assuming that you never change your opinion or your support during those years...& That would be Real tunnel vision!)you still my not be chosen as a party delegate to choose your next federal leader, & candidate for Prime Minister. You still may not have any say at all in who runs as your Party's candidate in your Federal or Provincial riding either.

Grass roots politics is long gone, as is grass roots selection & vetting of platforms that candidates will present to the public. It's mostly done behind closed doors with consultants, focus groups, & important Party members. They select who will be your candidate.

So unless someone is prepared to be a Party supporter, financially, emotionally, & with a fair amount of time involved, for many years & you are prominent or lucky enough to find yourself in a position to chose a candidate locally or federally..
You really have very little input in whom or what your chosen Party will 'hire' (select as a candidate) or implement as policy or a campaign platform.

We the voters are not the 'employers' anymore. We do not directly 'hire' the persons who will carry our Party to victory or defeat. We only have an opportunity to 'fire' them at the polls, if a sufficient number of other voters feel the same way, but the actual candidate section isn't done by us, or even by a large cross section of our Party.

I find the voters innocent of all charges of being an incompetent employer, but do find many of those elected "In the Service of the People" to be found wanting & to be very poor employees indeed!

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