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By capper (registered) | Posted May 18, 2011 at 20:24:06 in reply to Comment 48106

There were no birds on this island untill the other islands had been built... a cormorant was tied to a post on a new island and mating took place.Now they have spread and spread. The return of these birds was man made. The return was not one bit natural and was helped all the way by man. DDT was used in the fifties that made the egg shells weak resulting in broken eggs as the cormorants stand on the eggs till they hatch. This is all true but why should one man say what the rest of us should put up with. And what area we should give up to the distruction of these birds. People talk like there are a few birds but there are thousands and thousands eating crap loads of fish. The white perch and silver bass, sheaphead, and chanell cats, bullheads,along with pike bass,trout, shiners, ETC are being devistated by these birds. Now they have taken over tree lines where other rarer birds nested for years... The harbour was a great place before the islands had been built now it is just(stinky) crap.

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