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By Dawg (anonymous) | Posted May 19, 2011 at 12:36:03

I dont know one single person who hunts for "sport", and I know hundreds. This "sport hunting" term is widely used by anti-hunting organizations, and people. AnneMarie is a rabid anti-hunter and refused to "share" her woods with other Ontario taxpayers who happen to hunt within the boundries of Ontario parks that are closed (for the season). Everything we learn in life (like sharing), starts in Kindergarten, did she missed that education level? I do however applaud her EBR's to the MNR - stating that deer collisions are on the rise due to hunters "chasing the deer out of the woods". Collisions (deer), with vehicles couldn't have anything to do with simple 101 biology which is; deer are in the rut at that time of year, and travel outside their normal range - bucks chasing doe's and doe's gathering with other doe's. I simply applaud a persons idiology, putting it on paper to look like a total idiot.

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