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By Synxer (registered) | Posted July 12, 2011 at 11:46:44

I think RVHE would be easier to compare if we were to use our LRT tracks as a man-made water shed system.

Unfortunately, the takeaway for me is:

Boosters = People

Developers = Citizens

Waterloo - a city burgeoning with intelligence and a growing technology sector, less than half of our population, increasing traffic problems, probably the worst traffic planning legacy in our proximity - they get it. I seriously doubt Waterloo's troubles were so much less important than ours. How are we to take council seriously? Waterloo has it wrong? Hamilton is different? I think Waterloo is different, too. And the reason is: they made it different. They attracted business by showing leadership. Leadership, prosperity? They go together? Yep.

Perhaps there's no major private interest backing LRT, but we could say this about many roads in or around Hamilton. Some may call this cause and effect.

Mid-pen on the other hand, has private support from industries that are interested in transport. This makes sense for them, since these industries can't board an LRT with a 2 tonne load. Naturally they are not interested in it.

If Hamilton thought better of itself and had more people who were more informed, Bratina and Kelly would never be able to hold up this argument on air.

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