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By red24 (registered) | Posted July 26, 2011 at 09:02:51

What bothers me most is how incapable the mayor is of taking the high road. It merely fuels the people who think there is something nefarious going on. If you're sick of talking about LRT, maybe mayor wasn't the job. All he has to say is that "We appreciate the passion that many Hamiltonians have for LRT, and it is helpful to be reminded of this. But we messed up in the way that this has been communicated. Because our external funding for LRT planning is running out, we are re-deploying our planning staff to other priorities for the time being. This will also give Council an opportunity to assess the fine work our planning staff has done on this file. Once we have assessed it and discussed it at Council, the next phase of LRT work will proceed".

It wouldn't take much more than that. Instead, he's defensive and annoyed by the whole thing. Come to think of it, he's defensive and annoyed about almost everything.

At the same time, I think if you can wade through what he has said on Bill Kelly, it is possible that there isn't anything nefarioius going on, and that indeed, it is simply the case where Council will receive reports from staff and catch up on the issue. It might be as simple as the Mayor says (albeit in a defensive, convoluted way).

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