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By mrjanitor (registered) | Posted July 26, 2011 at 19:45:50

"Every city needs a toilet" Paul, former co-worker circa 2008

That was a comment from a former co-worker when we were arguing about what I thought was the incredible potential of lower Hamilton from James to Gage. I'll never forget the comment or the discussion that it came from. Paul considered the area the city's toilet because that was exactly what that area had been engineered to be.

His arguments, 1)Police liked to keep as much crime as possible concentrated into a tight area downtown to make the job easier. 2)Politicians liked to keep poverty, halfway houses and social services concentrated downtown because the majority of voters didn't live there and the ones who did were acclimatised anyway. 3)A city needs to release with drugs, bars and hookers so keep them all in the same marketplace where most wives won't see husbands picking up girls. 4)Keeping the lower city down helped property values in the outlying areas up

Paul concluded that because of these and many other reasons I was deluded in thinking that any positive developments would be allowed to occur in the James to Gage area of lower Hamilton, any rays of sunshine would be 'taken care of.' Paul was a sickening person to have to spend any time around at all, let alone 3 years of 12 hour shifts together. I told Paul that day that he was a demented, sick, bitter little man... he laughed at me and said I'll see someday that he was right.

Was he right?

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