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By Brandon (registered) | Posted September 12, 2011 at 11:39:36 in reply to Comment 69430


I see a lot of words, but not a lot of content.

Regarding the design foresight of this website, switch to a flat view and the problem is solved. The real problem is in the medium as websites don't handle this well, you need a news reader to give the proper context. Ryan has made great efforts to get around this, but just because a car doesn't float doesn't mean it's a bad car or that it was a lack of foresight that made it so.

LRT was hitched to WH due to the fact that a big chunk of unexpected money was coming in for amateur sports and it was seen as a great opportunity to help revitalize downtown and get good transit in the process by giving a solid link between GO, LRT and bus transit along with an anchor destination. The fact that WH was hijacked at the last minute (and our current mayor was instrumental in this colossal error) is another story.

If there is a global slowdown, then building a better public transit system only makes sense. You want the best system in place to generate investments and LRT has been demonstrated to do this in many other locales. On top of that, as the price of gas goes up, it means that people have less money to spend on other things. By giving them excellent transit, you reduce the need to own a car and buy gas, which frees up money to be spent on other things that local businesses can provide.

How is this a poorly designed LRT system? How would you improve it if it is so poorly designed? Do you think the poorness of the design is due to bad design or is it due to bad compromises?

Regardless of whether or not we should abuse our politicians you didn't suggest that we shouldn't. You simply bemoaned the fact that not even a third world politician would ever suffer such abuse, which is just plain wrong. I also question whether or not pointing out his sudden changes of direction and his lack of clear positions is "abuse".

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