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By Kiely (registered) | Posted September 27, 2011 at 16:04:36

Come on, Mr Bratina. Take the gloves off.

Bratina appears to be in the pocket of the Liberals and the Liberals would love for this project to die or at least be moved to the back-back-back-burner (no matter what they say publicly). All BB has done from day one is throw mud all over this issue.

With the election coming this whole thing could just slide down the crapper.

Hudak hasn't come right out and said he'll scrap it but he has alluded to reopening the entire transportation plan and "doing things differently." If Dalton wins he has no need of us for another 4 years... so LRT by????

It is sad to see what this city has done to itself over the Pan Am and LRT projects the past few years. My feelings about the Pan Am games aside, there was a lot of excitement about the whole thing a few years ago. A new stadium, eventually tied into LRT and all day GO. It was going to be a catalyst for change and the Hammer was finally going to be given some bootstraps to pick itself up by.

Now any mention of a stadium gets groans, the other Pan Am facilities are getting the same "who's on first" treatment by council as the stadium. The LRT is a big question mark, and we topped it all off with the self-inflicted election of BB, who won because he promised to rip the city apart... Oh what could have been but for just a bit more vision by the city as a whole and better political savvy on Eisenberger's part (He made two massive mistakes: 1. Leaving a crack in the door of the stadium debate for Bob Young and 2. Not taking Bratina seriously enough. The minute BB said de-amalgamation he should have exposed Bratina as a lying fool).

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