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By farmer6re9 (registered) - website | Posted June 21, 2007 at 09:07:59

It is heartwarming to know that at least a few folks like yourself recognize there is a problem and earnestly reach deep within themselves for a solution. But quick and dirty doesn't work when there is no one willing to get down and dirty doing it. And there are scant few who would get behind most of those wallet whittling suggestions as the steeds of those who leer.

Here again is a list of "what the admin needs to do" to presumably "knock the wind out of (local loco-notion) climate change." Where is the individual's accountability? It is a far better thing to pray for the best while preparing for the worst.

Too much of our precious time and energy is being spent trying to figure out how to reverse a destructive trend, when all we have to do is pack up and go back in time for the solution. Isn't it is as simple as FLICKED-OFF and UNPLUGGED? Do we want bees and trees or do we want blackberries and cell disrupting topiary's? We per chance can no longer have both.

There is a great disorientation taking place in the natural world and it doesn't matter if you walk to work, ride a bike, take the bus, drive a car or commute in the company leer. Beam me up Scotty, there's no intelligent life here! We owe it to ourselves to do ALL THAT WE CAN to diminish our own personal environmental footprints now! Not because we're gonna "Save the Planet", but because the act of trying to be more conservative and less wastful is good for YOU. It teaches you how to live a simpler yet more satisfying existence.

Don't expect nor even attempt to force conservation onto someone elses pocketbook until you yourself have carefully implemented a frugal regime of your own. Live and do by example to others, a drop becomes a ripple, a wave and then it crests, to create.

Dump the extra vehicles, crank the thermostat to off and endure it the way it is, because you'll get used to it and it pales in comparison to real quick and dirty abrupt change. God doesn't want us to worry about His creation, that's His and He's got that under control. Our sin has made our environments we live in uncomfortable and we need to deal with that.

There is both torrential and long gentle rain; In the end we receive the same precipitation, justly, through degrees of dithering weighs and means.

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