Comment 73629

By arienc (registered) | Posted February 01, 2012 at 19:25:32 in reply to Comment 73621

That worldview only works if you consider the "state" some entity that is foreign.

The purpose of government is to represent us...the people. In other words, the collective, the royal we, society.

It's far easier to accomplish things as a group than it is to accomplish them individually. This is why human beings formed societies.

There are good arguments that the present level of governance is excessive, the benefit to specific individuals is questionable, and the funds end up being misappropriated from where we intended to direct them. However, taxation is not theft, it is the pooling together of resources.

Is it really that unreasonable to require those who have benefitted from all of the things that society has enabled (infrastructure, universal education, health care, national defence, research & development...), to pay for and support these things?

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