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By Freedom Seeker (anonymous) | Posted February 02, 2012 at 08:49:21

"Is it really that unreasonable to require those who have benefited from all of the things that society has enabled (infrastructure, universal education, health care, national defence, research & development...), to pay for and support these things?"
Yes, it's completely unreasonable.
Let's try a thought experiment.
Imagine that I kidnapped you, took you to my house, and kept you locked in the basement for 5 years. At that point you manage to escape.
A few weeks later I send you a bill for $20,000. In the covering letter I explain that this is to cover the cost of the food and clothing I supplied to you while you were locked in the basement, as well as a share of the heating, water, and electrical bills for my house during that period. Would you willingly pay the bill?
There is no question that I gave you the things listed on the bill, and you certainly benefited from getting them. Life in the basement would have been much much worse with no food, water, or if the house was unheated.

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