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By jacob (registered) | Posted February 07, 2012 at 09:36:42

it's not too late because they haven't met the conditions of the deal yet. But more importantly it's not too late to let these officials know, and hopefully at the ballot box, the results of these actions. There are parking lots on all sides. Why does Hamilton always have to take a great story and turn it into a farce? Because we are too easily beaten by negotiation tactics. We are no match for lobbyists and lawyers. I'm sure Mac was perfectly willing to build on a lot downtown, but some clever negotiator following the Bob Young playbook threatened to build in Burlington, and voila.

The title of this post is perfect by the way. How is it we are constantly faced with Faustian bargains? West Harbour or East Mountain. Go or LRT. Downtown Health Campus or BoE building. These are false oppositions! They are dreamed up as a ploy to get our hapless decision-makers to accept the other side's preferred option.

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