Comment 76433

By Hopeful in Hamilton (anonymous) | Posted May 03, 2012 at 10:07:51 in reply to Comment 76411

I'm not going to dispute that the crimes of the junior Vranich are far more serious than those of the Senior Vranich. Any comparison would be insulting and I apologize if I implied otherwise.

In this context I'm having trouble with giving/lending money to people who have been in near-perpetual violation of City bylaws for years. I think these cases are well-known by now so I won't rehash them. Why do we not have some policies in these loan/grant programs that exclude those who have snubbed our bylaws? (i.e. cost the City money). The rule should be that if you want to take advantage of these programs you have to keep your buildings and properties safe and secure and follow all City bylaws. A City can't punish developers based on unrelated provincial criminal situations (as much as we would maybe like to), but surely we should have some rules in place to encourage adherence to our own property standards and fire safety bylaws.

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