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By Clement Wood (anonymous) | Posted May 15, 2012 at 18:00:18

Well-worn word: Correlation.
One that rhymes with causation.
Seductive but ambiguous urban equation.

Increased propagation of millenial gentlefication.
Ennui arising from suburban living situation.
Renewed enthusiasm for two-wheeled transportation.

Grassroots cooperation atlernating with mutual stimulation.
Monthly recession-era evening of cash-free socialization.
Appeals to job-challenged generation(s) with time for exploration.

Sprinkle with years of weekly media proselytization.
City staff displacement during City Hall renovation.
Monochromatic marketing of street of every nation.

Municipal urban revitalization.
Provincial tax incentivization.
Federal-funded digital aggregation, er, "innovation".

CCTV camera installation.
Thinly veiled real estate speculation.
Entrepreneurial self-aggrandization.

Fishbowl of social media indoctrination.
Twitter hype conflagration. Instagram duckface documentation.
Facebook's finite, like-minded gravitation.

A kaleidescope of concatenation.

Meritorious claims for two-way transportation?

- Ease of inter-urban navigation.
- Anecdotal ties to urban beautification.
- Congestion as symptom of healthy densification.

Self-evidently an open-ended situation.
Still worthy of broader implementation.
Despite blog(t)roll consternation.

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