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By CouldaWouldaShoulda (anonymous) | Posted May 16, 2012 at 09:11:13 in reply to Comment 76948


"It'll be a long, painful process clearing city hall of the dinosaur guard that have had their way far too long."


Sorry, don't mean to be less respectful than is warranted (!), but this statement has made me chuckle on several levels.

First off, I'm curious as to what this 'long, painful process' will look like. If you're convinced of its verité, please take the time to describe it.

Secondly, this 'dinosaur guard': I'm assuming that you're referring to councillors who have repeatedly been voted back in by residents. And yet you're labelling the councillors as the problem. No mention of those who have repeatedly installed them at 71 Main Street West. Why not?

Thirdly, 'had their way far too long'. Please explain. Are you suggesting that certain councillors have executed an agenda? If so, I'd like to hear specifics. But the specifics aside, why have their employers allowed this to happen? Why hasn't *their* way been instituted?

Finally, it's the easy course of action to presume that whatever ails a situation will be remedied by getting 'fresh faces' in there. As if all the 'old guard' is bad. And that the 'new guard' will miraculously deliver far beyond the performance of their predecessors.

Seriously? This sounds as arrogant (or misguided) as councillors are consistently accused of being.

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