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By stopitman (anonymous) | Posted June 06, 2012 at 18:56:27 in reply to Comment 77977

Beileve it or not, but the vast majority of that parking is because of Manulife's ugly 2 story brown brick building. They unfortunately didn't build it like Sunlife built their KW headquarters (modelled on a French palace).

I started school at UW in 2007 and that's about when the construction started, in the years that followed (and I was of age ;)) I headed down there more often to go out to the bars and neighbourhoods and, although there are some interesting characters, never felt unsafe. Kitchener, for the most part, has done an excellent job with its downtown. (an aside: If you're downtown on a nice day I'd suggest checking out Bobby O'Briens - they have a massive patio fronting King St just south of city hall with a beach volleyball court.)

Hamilton needs some big work done, from making King/Main Streets two ways to fixing up some areas to at least a minimum standard so that people from outside the city aren't sketched out. One thing I'd like to see is Jackson Square torn down while leaving the towers so that a tight street grid is put back into place along with some housing mixed in with ground level stores.

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