Comment 78777

By Strunk (anonymous) | Posted June 21, 2012 at 17:39:23 in reply to Comment 78766

Absolutely, and I honestly mean no disrespect. Your essays are always thoughtful and grounded in plenty of evidence, but this strikes me as a reptile brain logjam. I guess I'm just wondering if there are some debates where logic and reason are not the most essfective tools. Seems counterintuitive, and I really have nothing to go on but a hunch. Wasn't there a study done about substance being less important than authoritative style? In general, I'm not in favour of furthering the "BS baffles brains" proofs, but if it's able to tip the balance on two-way conversion, maybe it's the lesser of two evils. (And it needn't preclude intelligent commentary elsewhere on the site, of which there has been no shortage recently around this issue.) The Graham Crawford/Matt Jelly videos on the BoE building may have reached and moved more people than they would have if the same theses were phrased as essays.

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