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By JT (anonymous) | Posted November 18, 2012 at 10:53:52

I worked with Dr. Svoboda, in the same building at SMH and we had the same concerns about cycling. And Tomislav is a diehard. He refuses to ride in a car. He takes the mass transit only if absolutely necessary. He has ridden to Tobermory. The guy is a Toronto legend. I used to cycle home on Jarvis but with the stress of negotiating the split at Mt. Pleasant, as well as the potholes and the general nastiness of drivers it was just too much. So instead I would head up Broadview (I lived in East York off the Danforth near Woodbine). On Broadview the biggest danger was pedestrians. The big issue for me was that a cyclist really could not follow the rules of the road and expect to live. I remember once being fumed off the road by a Korean tour bus, on Queen East. I quickly, and blindly turned up the closest street on the right to evade the bus. Once the dust cleared, I found I was on Berkeley st, and a surly OPP officer in his car was pointing me over the side of the road to give me grief for going the wrong way on the one way street. I explained the situation. He was not interested in my explanation. I had to dismount and walk the bike up to the closest intersection. I was lucky, and was never hit. One of the attractions of Hamilton was better road cycling. I do feel a bit conspicuous on my New Hope Bike Coop fixie, but I find motorists are actually OK here with cyclists. THe bike lanes are another matter totally. The pavement is awful and I have never had so many flats! The trail that I can pick up at the Chedoke golfcourse is a godsend.

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