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By jason (registered) | Posted December 10, 2012 at 22:48:11

Just back from a weekend in Toronto. Really highlights how far behind Hamilton is when our city's number one goal is to mandate the development of new parking lots. It's great to see all the new high density housing happening in Toronto on former parking lots.

Somewhere behind the scenes at Ham City Hall I'm convinced there is an old guard that loves our 5 lane freeways and are the ones mandating these archaic parking requirements so that we never see any headway in becoming a walkable, vibrant city.

Worst street I could find in Toronto was the 4-lanes of Wellington and Adelaide. And they were dead zones along most of their length. Hamilton's King, Main and Cannon should immediately be converted to a design like King/Queen in Toronto. Ditto for Wentworth, Sanford, Bay, Queen etc..... Coming back here via Main St was a horrible experience after being in a huge city all weekend with no streets so massive, fast and unliveable.
There is absolutely zero reason for our city, with a fraction of the population and barely a whisker of the business, to have such crazy freeways, and such crazy parking requirements.
We're going to lose a stunning school because we won't allow street parking on both sides of Wentworth and Sanford, even though their traffic numbers clearly don't justify being 3-lane roads.

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