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By Mahesh_P_Butani (registered) - website | Posted December 24, 2012 at 23:57:17 in reply to Comment 84281

Assuming that the councillors are complicit, and are willing to violate their fiduciary duty by choosing to remain on holiday while the 'Gore District Heritage' is butchered --- the fact still remains that the alleyway behind these buildings and the sidewalk in front, are "public property".

To block any alleyway or the sidewalk, for demolition purposes, requires a permit. Which requires an application and an approval. This in all probability has not been issued by the traffic department as yet, given the ham-fisted approach of the property owners.

The sidewalk in front and the alleyway to the rear are actively used by Hamilton residents every day.

Chris Murray's & Clr Ferguson's jobs are on the line here, if any permit/approval to block the rear alleyway or front sidewalk is granted --post fact-- the public disclosure of this:

"staff and the Economic Development and Planning Committee failed to act on the recommendations of the Heritage Committee weeks earlier. It never made it to City Council as Councillor McHattie states on the record." ~ GS

The owners will in all probability attempt to demolish these buildings from the rear, while the councillors are on a holiday.

They simply do not have the courage to take these buildings down from the front, in my opinion. If they had, they would not have played such a juvenile game of brinkmanship with the people of Hamilton.

As a back up --- just in case both Chris Murray, Clr Ferguson or any Staff of the City of Hamilton, decides to overstep their job descriptions in the interim --- it would be appropriate under these circumstance for the "People of Hamilton" to inform the Hamilton Police to take appropriate action and/or set up a citizens-watch in the alleyway behind these buildings and the sidewalk in front, in order to 'specifically stop any backhoes from blocking the rear alleyway or the sidewalk/road in front, without a legal permit'.

I am sure that, when our councillors realize that their duties are now being performed by the people of Hamilton, most of them will run back to the council chamber much before January 9, to reclaim their territory.

Mahesh P. Butani

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