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By Tecumseh (registered) | Posted December 29, 2012 at 22:48:21 in reply to Comment 84550

My email to Minister Chan and Andrea Horwath (my MPP):

Dear Minister Chan,

I am writing you today to urge you to take action to protect a row of properties in Hamilton's core proposed to be demolished (18-28 King St. East). The buildings date from the 1840s through 1870s and presently make up a large portion of the southern streetwall of Hamilton's Gore Park, the historical heart of the city. Especially significant is 18-22 King St. East, designed by William Thomas and constructed ca. 1840.

A demolition permit was requested immediately prior to Christmas and demolition is expected imminently, unless an emergency city council meeting is called. Hamilton's Municipal Heritage Committee has recommended that the buildings be designated, but council has not had time to designate them. Recent plans (specifically the Gore Park Master Plan) build on the existing historical fabric around the park. I have written to urge Hamilton city council to schedule an emergency meeting to designate the buildings as heritage properties, but it is possible that no such meeting will be called due to councillors' time constraints. I urge you to be proactive and protect Hamilton's and Ontario's built heritage: please act immediately to issue a stop work order and/or a notice of intention to designate under the Ontario Heritage Act. A previous Minister of Culture was able to ensure that Hamilton's iconic Lister Block was saved; please consider this your opportunity to protect an equally historically significant property in Hamilton's core.

For further background on the buildings, their significance and context within Hamilton, I invite you to read the following articles:

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