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By Mar Mueller (anonymous) | Posted December 31, 2012 at 14:41:24

Hi, here is the email I sent to all the councilors and Minister Michael Chan:

Dear Mr. Farr,

I am a student and employee at McMaster University. I have lived in Hamilton for four years. I live in the north end, and I've grown to love much of the city. One of most pleasing aspects of Hamilton is its long history as one of Canada's oldest and most pivotal cities. It's a joy to see the evidence of that history in Hamilton's architecture, where it still exists. One of the saddest aspects of Hamilton is how apparent it is that much of that history has been wiped away and replaced with architecture that is bland, forgettable, and sometimes even ugly.

Now I have read about plans to demolish the buildings between 18-28 King Street east. I wish to firmly state my opposition to this. This stretch of buildings is and iconic piece of Hamilton architecture. These buildings are an important aspect of Hamilton's individual character. I have read that the permit to demolish can only be prevented by an emergency meeting to designate the buildings under the Municipal Heritage Act before January 9th. I understand the difficulty of convening such a meeting at this time of year but I want to strenuously urge you to use what power you have to make this happen. Please to not let Hamilton lose its face.

I have copied all the councilors in on this email, as well as Michael Chan, the Ontario Minister Tourism, Culture and Sport, since his portfolio includes actions under the Ontario Heritage Act.

Thank you for your consideration,

Mark Mueller

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