Comment 84667

By bikehounds (anonymous) | Posted January 03, 2013 at 11:20:51 in reply to Comment 84665

The same old tired argument. There are people who would buy those buildings and renovate them if they were made available at fair market rates. But they are not available for purchase because the owners want to amass vacant land and then sell or develop it "sometime in the future, not sure when" and reap the benefits of those who came before them and actually DID renovate their buildings.

Many of us (myself included) have already purchased properties in disrepair, and brought them back to life, and would do so again if given an opportunity - even though it often means going into stressful levels of debt. But we are driven by a belief in the downtown, not by a promise of fortune.

There are hundreds of vacant lots downtown. And Blanchard owns a bunch of them. If he was serious about the development, he'd have already started it in the vacant lots he owns.

But he hasn't - because he has no plan other than to continue to collect vacant land for - well, no one knows how long. Not even him.

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