Comment 86594

By Robert D (anonymous) | Posted February 21, 2013 at 15:49:13 in reply to Comment 86578

Listen, staff made that proposal, and probably have reasons in mind (denisty etc.). I can't defend them because I don't know what their reasons are. But it is a proposal - it can change.

If the local councillor in ward 3 and the wards further east think that the bike sharing plan will work well in their ward, and they get residents calling/e-mailing saying that they're interested in having a bike share location, maybe one could be incorporated (either an existing proposed station moved, ro a new one added). Heck, I think it would even make sense to put some bikes at the former City Motor Hotel location when it is redeveloped. The plan is not set in stone, it is not a yet/no decision.

It's certainly open for the community to engage their councillor, and city staff, to advocate for these kinds of things.

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