Comment 888

By Frank (registered) | Posted September 11, 2006 at 12:16:30

Hey Jay, Yesterday I was driving down Main Street and saw a guy in his mid-30s weaving on and off the sidewalk and in and out of traffic. I have no problem with ppl biking down the road, what I do have a problem with is bikers who use the roads and then don't follow the rules of the road. If a biker is going to drive down the road, stay in the LEFT of the lane so that drivers have to use the next lane over to pass. Unless of course there's a bike lane, then use that. Also, obey the same rules the cars do. Just because you're riding a bike doesn't mean you can run red lights if there is no traffic at the intersection. It also doesn't mean u can ride the sidewalk and jump end up on the road periodically. Anyone who uses a bike on the road should follow the rules of the road. As for helmets, one only needs to look at the statistics to see the effect they've had.

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