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By ch02ce (anonymous) | Posted June 12, 2013 at 08:19:47

Wah! Shadows! Sometimes I honestly wonder if planning does more harm than good. The majority of the site plan is a massive parking lot! If we all accept urbanism and intensification as a more environmentally and economically sustainable pursuit, why do we bother with parking minimums, setbacks, height restrictions, and the accommodation of even the most middling nimby complaints?

Would it be so bad to let the developer and by extension the customers decide how much parking they need? It could be zero for all I care, just don't buy a unit if you need to drive. And build as many units as people will buy, because I'd rather have them living in an intensification project in what used to be a derelict scar on the urban fabric than in a bunch of single or semi-detached homes out in Binbrook.

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