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By jason (registered) | Posted June 12, 2013 at 09:55:40 in reply to Comment 89498

Yes, I had the same problem reading the document. Very generalized info available so far. Folks in the area should look up the minimum separation required by the city for a building adjacent to their property lines.

To me the worst part of the plan is the sea of parking. I currently live with my backyard facing a large wall of a church structure that is around 3-4 stories high. It's south of my property, not north like in this case. Only time we have shadow impacts is the dead of winter, and the shadows are only at the very back of the yard. Anyone with a building to their north would have no shadow impacts, and looking at the size of the backyards on Charlton there would be absolutely no threat of shadows anywhere near the homes.

I would like to see the site developed more fully with 3-5 storey building heights and parking underground. Such a waste of land to have all this surface parking.

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