Comment 89922

By Evie (anonymous) | Posted July 04, 2013 at 10:50:04 in reply to Comment 89921

Sara, you are correct, the free spots are probably taken up by folks commuting but I can guarantee you that these spots are consistantly filled at all hours on all days. I lived in the area and it is true commuters love those spots but they are definitely utilized to capactity by residents. A better understanding of the neighborhood is essential although I would hate for time and money to be spent trying to determine who deserves/needs parking when we can take this opportuity to do something forward thinking and get a great protected bike lane on Hunter that people will be comfortable using. I think I'm just having real difficulty understanding why wanting a safe bike lane, calmed traffic and accessible street parking is considered NIMBY, or why parking, or cars has become a 4 letter word to some people... although technically cars is a 4 letter word lol

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