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By jason (registered) | Posted July 04, 2013 at 10:54:48 in reply to Comment 89918

I certainly agree with you, however I see curb parking as more than just parking - it is one piece of a complete street that provides a buffer for pedestrians, and the more curbside parking we get, the less need there is for off-street parking in those gross lots. I'd love to add curb parking on virtually every street downtown. Less business for the parking lot owners, and immediately it helps to create safer walking conditions. In the Hunter context, if we have to choose to remove curb parking or a travel lane, to me the option is a no-brainer.

In front of the GO Station, I see no reason why the bike lanes (assuming they are on the south curb) can't continue straight through past James by simply moving the parking bay into the current south travel lane. One full travel lane would remain, and parking on the north curb would remain. At James, the left turn lane would also remain.
Hunter is literally one of the simplest streets to add a protected 2-way bike path into. From Queen to Wellington. Again, I'm concerned that we can't even do something like this that is so simple and easy to figure out.

With all the wisdom and examples provided by other cities, one wonders what exactly city staff are doing when presenting such a disjointed plan for an otherwise great idea. It seems to me that we're trying to shoe-horn bike lanes into the city without sacrificing a single inch of car speed or space. That has to change.

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