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By condo owner (anonymous) | Posted July 13, 2013 at 12:23:45

Reading this blog has been interesting. I want to keep the street parking. When this condo was built there was no requirement for visitor parking. When the houses were built there was no requirement for on property parking. I have walked the street from Liberty to Catherine and yeah it looks like 27 parking spots to me.

I do support the three lane concept - one driving,one parking, one biking. I also support having bikers get licences to contribute to maintenance of the bike lanes.

I haven't seen the bike plans the city has drawn up so I have no clue where the connections are going to be made for bikes. If the bike lane is going to go back to Jackson St and not past the Go, my question is why is the bike lane not going on Jackson? It is all paid metered parking and parking lot and very few houses where people actually live.

I have no issue with people who choose to ride their bikes, I'd like them to be safe, and to follow the road rules. There's far too much negativity in this blog against car owners and drivers.

I signed that petition and offered to have a public meeting in our condo meeting room because I believe there's room for everyone and every opinion. I also don't think that taking parking spots away and creating a double lane parking lane for bikers is a win win situation for anyone.

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