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By jason (registered) | Posted July 23, 2013 at 13:58:43

Great stuff. Looking forward to this being completed. I hope there will be space on the sidewalks for cafe/restaurant patios. Although city hall will surely try to fight such enjoyable urban amenities. My only concerns from what I'm reading here are again related to city hall.
A 30' by 30' sun triangle?? This isn't the Meadowlands, folks.
City Hall seriously needs to completely throw out their zoning/development guidelines for the old, urban city and simply ask a progressive city if we can use theirs but slap our logo at the top of each page. It's amazing that we are still functioning from this zoning mindset that assumes suburban sprawl. Anything not sprawling needs all sorts of variances and hoops to be approved. Cities like San Fran, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa etc.... that function like cities are the ones seeing the most urban success. You visit those cities and see good urban design even in their far flung suburbs and box store projects. I visited one recently that had an incredible tree canopy, wide connected sidewalks through the entire site, bike lanes, rainwater bioswales and separated, safe transitway stations built right into the box store plaza. Here we see the absolute worst versions of box store development in the suburbs (a slab of asphalt seems to be sufficient - but don't forget, Hamilton's lower city is now a 'flood prone area') and the worst in urban development due to all the suburban codes being applied in the old city. I would love city hall to motor out of the 50's anyday now.

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