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By SCRAP (anonymous) | Posted August 03, 2013 at 18:13:58

Sometimes I get tired of reading the same old commnets by the Capitalist, you know the unions, have caused the problems we face today.

After two world wars, I guess the common people werer tired of being the scapegoats of such much hardship, which led to the formation of the social contract.

Too bad after almost 40 years of right wing propaganda, you know like the book, Toxic Sludge is Good for You, to make you beleive that the fights and struggles of the working poor and those who need some sort of social assistance are the bad guys, along with workers who have or need to fight for collectiveness.

The problem iwth unions today, as I see it, is tht the rank and file have lost thier voice, corruption is everywhere. but that can change in a heartbeat.

Of course people like The Capitalist, will always keep pushing the same old tactics, which we all know is destroying Mother Earth and has done a good job of trying to silence the voices of indigenous people across the globe, in the name of empire building.

Funny you know, I just watched film, which tells a different story of how the New World natives were far ahead of the European culture that invaded them, in mnay ways, which includes engineering and so forth.

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