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By chikchik (anonymous) | Posted September 07, 2013 at 16:10:01

I'm happy with this store, its so convenient to shop here. what makes me more happy is that the B & T in Queen St. and the other store in park St. is soon to be closed,and they deserve it because they have the worst employees who dont have good manners especially in the met department. me and lots of my friends had a bad experience here, when i bought some meet i i ask him to pick the one that look a little bit fresh he got mad and talk in his own language and shouted at me and when he put the met in a plastic he threw it on top and the meet fell on the floor.
I'm telling you this sothat the management of Nations fresh food will be aware not to hire those eloyees who came fromthat tore in case tey apply for a job in Nations. so far most of your employees in your meet department are good especially those who are not chinese. please try to hire n employees who can speak and understand english.

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