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By Borrelli (registered) | Posted September 27, 2013 at 09:07:32

I worked with a couple of other Beasley residents on a Participatory Budgeting proposal to have more bike parking downtown (well, lock-up rings for bikes and other mobility devices, since the idea came from a resident concerned about scooter-user who felt they couldn't go places downtown). The idea was for a series of rings to be combined with those cool display/poster boards you see around downtown, so it would be parking and community events/news.

Unfortunately staff couldn't wrap their heads around the idea and it got split into two proposals, one for display boards, the other for bike rings. Double-unfortunately, the bike rings didn't make it on to the compromise budget, but the display boards did.

Anyway, FYI, in speaking to community members who use bikes and mobility devices, the following locations were identified as needing more secure lock-ups:

(1) James St. N @ Cannon St.; (2) Barton St. E & Mary; (3) King William @ Hughson; (4) Ferguson @ King St. E (5) Beasley Park, SW entrance (Mary & Cannon); (6) Gore Park.

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